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AWL-Techniek B.V. is a system integrator with over 50 years of experience. AWL-Techniek B.V. build smart solutions in the field of high end automation, robotization and subsequent techniques, mainly in automotive sector. They wants to enhance their services by moving towards predictive maintenance of their machines. One of the first steps towards that is to monitor the accelerations of the access doors of welding robots.

Heavy metal doors close the welding robot to prevent operators to from having access to the robot during the welding proces. These doors must close and open as quickly as possible to allow as many parts as possible to be welded per hour. Currently there is a risk that these doors will break quickly and require a lot of maintenance.

Meuleman Electronics has been asked to develop a proof-of-concept consisting of 12 prototypes that measure the acceleration of the access doors. With these devices it is possible to analyze the causes and gain insight into how the doors can be improved. In the future, new sensors could also be used to predict maintenance.

Technologies: Bluetooth, accelerometer


AWL-Techniek B.V.
Automated joining solutions, Harderwijk


  • Wireless engineering
  • Software development
  • Electrical Engineering

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