Project Description

Project details

For Isala hospitals we have developed an electronic mailbox. This mailbox detects when a (blood) sample can be collected from a doctor’s office.

Instead of daily inspections by the courier, it is now possible to see online in which office medical samples are available to be picked up. The electronic mailbox is placed in the refrigerator by at the doctor’s office and has a wireless connection to an access point which is connected to the Internet. The sensor also measures the temperature of the refrigerator.

Software development

To gain insight into all mailboxes Meuleman Electroncis has developed an online web that interacts perfectly with the mailboxes. This way the laboratory can see where the carrier already has been and what route the courier should take. In addition, the system also offers all kinds of analytical reports.



Isala, Laboratory of Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, Zwolle


  • Wireless engineering
  • Industrial Design
  • Software development
  • Data Analytics
  • Production & Assembly
  • User Experience Design
  • Conceptual design & Visualizations

What users say

This system works very well! We’d like to keep this electronic mailbox; Twice we had no blood samples and the messenger also did not visited us unnecessarily. We have nothing to care about.
The first few weeks, the messenger did not installed the application and he did not trust it at all. Therefore, he still called every day to check. Now, two weeks later everything runs perfect. Excellent!

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