Data visualisation

Connecting wireless devices to the Internet allows real-time control and visibility over the entire system. The management portal is designed specifically for your application.

Data analytics & Monitoring

With an online management portal all your data from your devices is secure, and centrally accessible. You have an overview of all events, and instant access to your product.

Mobile Appplication

A mobile application in combination with your wireless devices will provide you with the optimal power of ‘The Internet of Things’. All knowledge and control of your system is accessible within the palm of your hand.

Reports, Notifications and Automation

The information in your system can be used for many purposes. Reports can be generated, notifications can be sent, and the information can be linked to other systems.

Cloud Computing

We connect the entire system to the cloud, allowing your data to be safely stored, and accessible from anywhere. We use services like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.