Electrical Engineering

Meuleman Electronics has extensive experience in the design and development of analog and digital electronics. With our knowledge and expertise with the newest technologies, we can find the best possible solutions for your product.

Analog en digital circuit design

At the beginning of the design process we define the most suitable design directions according to your requirements and specifications. If this direction is chosen, we develop the system architecture, the schematics and the PCB layout. We have extensive experience in the design of digital and analog electronics.

PCB layout and print design

After verification of the schematics, the PCB layout is designed. For this we can use different types of PCB technologies, including multilayer PCB, Flex-rigid PCBs and more. This process is accompanied by the design of the casing and the integration of other components. Finally the printed circuit board is produced and the components can be mounted.

Embedded systems

The electronics are controlled by the embedded software, the built-in software written for the electronics to perform the right tasks. In the case of a sensor system, the sensor values are converted and interpreted for its specific purpose and then sent to be displayed in a web application. Meuleman Electronics develops the embedded software tailored to your specification.

Test and verification

The entire system is thoroughly tested. The printed circuit board, the components and the embedded software must be integrated into a stable and reliable system. For this we use various methods. First, the hardware must be tested to make sure that the PCB delivers the expected signals. The software is tested according to the developing method of Test Driven Development (TDD).