Industrial Design

One of the many things to take into account when developing a new product is the integration of various functions and systems. At Meuleman Electronics, we provide the complete industrial design of the product at a very high level. This includes user experience, ergonomics, and design.

Everything is designed. Few things are designed well.

Design Strategy

Why do you want to develop a new product or system? What features do you want to integrate into the product and why? A strategic development plan is crucial for the effectiveness and the success of your product.

Concept design & Visualisations

Designing a product requires divergent thinking, there are always multiple solutions. Using creative visualisation techniques, we explore the various possibilities which we then use in concept designs.

Product Design & Engineering

Price, quality, feasibility, aesthetics, ergonomics and functionality are some aspects of the product which have to be looked at. In design & engineering the final design is optimised in all of these aspects.

User Experience Design

When designing an application, the user of your product is the center around which the product is designed. The final product has to be effective and efficient, so the user will be able to handle it with great satisfaction. We have the in-house expertise in the area of user interface design, information architecture, usability engineering, graphic design, and interaction design to make that happen.

Packaging Design

The packaging is just as important as the product itself. Good packaging protects, apprises, and sells. In addition, we can also assist you with product manuals and other documentation.

Brand Identity

Whether you want to add a new product as a brand extension to your current assortment or a completely new brand, we can help you to make the experience of the product match the appropriate identity.