We develop complete wireless products and systems that offer added value to our clients. We not only consider the technical solutions, but we also cooperate with the business case.

Overall, we divide the development process into five consecutive stages which are described below.


In the concept phase, the solution direction is determined. It is of importance that the requirements and needs are identified. This information can be collected by analysis and research by Meuleman Electronics. This may include a brainstorm, a market research, an idea generation, uses case studies, patent research and scenario defintions. Often clients provide this information themselves, because they know the market properly in which they operate.


Is this idea feasible? This question must be answered when a certain concept is chosen. Therefore we first develop a proof-of-concept when it comes to a new application of technology so that we can prove that the principle works. Then we will look for the right technology to get the idea working. From there we often write a report with test results and a cost estimation for the next phases of the project.


If the working principle works, we can develop a fully functional prototype. To do this, the entire system is being developed, including the architecture, electronic schematics, PCB design, 3D CAD, design and styling, web application software and mobile app software. Then all the parts are integrated and tested extensively. Thereafter the client can test and verify the system in-house.


After testing, the design is often modified and optimized. This may include some software changes or a complete redesign with a testing process. We also explore how the design can be optimized for (mass) production and cost. Certification, product packaging and branding also belong to our services.


For production and assembly Meuleman Electronics is working with partners and suppliers. In this phase the tooling and test setups are created and the  parts are produced. Subsequently, all the parts are assembled into the finished product in order to evaluate the first products.