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Meuleman Electronics engages in the design, development and production of custom-made industrial IoT devices. We design and produce low-power wireless devices and systems.


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We build predictive maintenance systems, asset tracking systems and much more…

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  • Expert in wireless technology & power management

  • End-to-end service, one stop shop in IoT

  • Agile teams, quick results

  • Empowering your business case

  • Transparent project management

  • Clear project pricing through open calculation

  • Long term partnership, ensuring system continuity

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Asset tracking

This white paper explains RTLS in more detail. A technology for precise indoor positioning systems.


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14 things about IoT

This e-book will help you to look at your own organization in a new way so that you can respond to this trend in a timely manner.

Industrial IoT

Download our free infographic about the Industrial Internet of Things. The new industrial revolution!